Sunday, September 14, 2014


Here it is Sunday, and all my good intentions of blogging regularly have fallen by the way side. :-(
If you came by last Tuesday you know why last weeks blogging had to take a back seat to my real life...I do have one...grin  BUT that does not mean I haven't been creating....'cause I have!! 
So what I have to share, today, is an art journal challenge I was invited to on Face Book.  Yeah, I know not everybody does FB, but with my new business and art journal groups AND all my GKs pictures  I have to keep it going.  Really, if it weren't for the kids posting and the Posh business I'd dump the whole thing!!!  But I digress......The 31 Day Challenge really doesn't start until October 1st. but Nicci gave us a quick prompt for the weekend.  It is a digi of one of her drawings, and I just love it, and had a lot of fun with it last night and this morning.
Here I printed out two 4"x 6" prints.  The one on the left I doodled in and shaded with pencil.

I transferred an 8" X 19" into one of my journals and painted it with acrylic, the word art is Inktense water color pencil.
Nicci is a fantastic cartoonist and you can check out her art at her website: Nicci.CA, it is worth the click to see her MHO!

That's it for today, still have lots to post, but we are having friends over for BBQ ribs tonight and I need to clean the kitchen, vacuum and dust the dining room and living room.......not that they would care, they've seen the place trashed......LOL  But it keeps me on a semi cleaning schedule, since Monday I'll have to do the laundry I pushed aside today to blog.........LOL

Thanks for stopping by, please let me know you were here.....
Inky Hugs


  1. Hello Krisha...don't feel bad about not blogging is busy and bloggings fun when there's time. I love this little cartoon you filled in with pencil...and thanks for the link. Hugs C

  2. I was starting to worry about you. It's good to know you are "just" busy, and not ill or something even worse. I have an active mind and worried that you might be laid up in the hospital, flat on your back in a full body cast.

    Those are cute digis. I like the one you doodled, but the colored one is special and very colorful.

  3. Hi Krisha! I was here!! lol.....Looks like you had a lot of fun with this! Hugs! deb