Tuesday, September 9, 2014

T Stands for Tuesday

It's time to link up with Elizabeth for T(ea) again.  Yes you've seen this picture before, but I AM drinking out of the same cup ( well I have four so it is one of them....LOL).

 I'm on a very tight schedule today, and for the next couple of days.  Since I have become a Perfectly Posh consultant I have been super busy getting through on-line training, and tomorrow is a Posh Party and training event in Fresno, about 110 miles north of here.  That should be  super fun even to attend.  Thursday night I will hostess my first Posh party, and I am definitely excited about that. Come Friday I'll probably sleep through the day......LOL

So that is THIS week in a nut shell.  If you didn't get here from Altered Book Lover then make sure you drop by and visit Elizabeth and Bluebeard.  You won't be disappointed, Elizabeth has some of her art up today, and her sense of humor is not to be missed.

Inky Hugs

I have fallen in love with this pampering skin care product and just want to share the info. It is made in the USA (yeah!) and is all natural ingredients.  It is only sold and delivered in the US and Canada.........SORRY My friends across the pond(s).
 If you do not know about Perfectly Posh, and are interested in learning more you can visit this LINK

That concludes this announcement and you will be returned to your regular visiting schedule.........(beep).....GRIN!


  1. Hi Krisha, you've definitely piqued my interest in Perfectly Posh, I'll have to check it out. But, it sure sounds like you're having fun with the new company! Happy T-day!

  2. Hello and Happy T Day! How wonderful for you to be so excited on your new adventure. Enjoy it and good luck. Pretty mug for today!

  3. Happy t day! Although you are very busy at the moment you also sound very excited and inspired!

  4. Happy T Day! Best wishes for you new endeavor - poor me 'over the pond' will just have to wonder over the wonders of Perfectly Posh, hehe :o)

  5. wow, sounds like a busy week! love the earthy mug, and that you squeezed us in to the busy schedule. Looking forward to seeing the developments of your new adventure. have fun!

  6. Sounds like a fun event coming up! Hope your first party is a success! Happy T Day!

  7. Pretty cup and make the most of what you love!

  8. I'm glad you are so excited about this product. You HAVE to be excited in order to sell it. I'm sure you'll do well.

    Wanted to tell you two things. First, I'll be showing your book over the next two days, so hope you have time to see it on Friday. Second, Derby, KS, the town just so of Wichita where I tried to eat lunch last week, is having a BBQ cook off this weekend. You can sample 5 one inch pieces of meat for $5.00. Each comes from a different vendor. The grand prize is $7500.00 for the best bbq. Doesn't sound much like how you describe your outings, though.

    Thanks for sharing this fun new product (new to me) and your mug of coffee with us for T this Tuesday.

  9. Perfectly Posh has a very inviting web site. I'm afraid I'm stuck in a personal care product rut, but it's workin' ok and I hate to interfere with that.

    We may have seen the picture before, but that mug deserves the spotlight again :) Pretty!

  10. Best Wishes with your first Posh party Krisha. I'm sure you will have a lovely time.

  11. Sounds like a busy week indeed. Best wishes as you start your adventure with Perfectly Posh.


  12. Never heard of the Posh line before, that sounds like fun--good luck to you!!

    Missed you woywwing, haven't done it for a while, just wanted to stop by and say hi to you and Betsy!

    #72 this week