Monday, September 15, 2014

T stands for Today Journal

Thought I'd take a moment and do my T(ea) post before going to bed.  It is 11 PM and that's almost Tuesday.......and I know Elizabeth the Altered Book Lover isn't going to mind. Grin
This is the first page of a journal I call "Today", every page starts with "Today" and has some reference to a drink or a drinking vessel, it is a 5" x 7" in size.  As you can see by the lower left hand corner I started this last month.  I didn't draw the cup or the crown, I traced around some die cuts I really I did!  This journal came about thinking of  T(ea) Stands for Tuesday and the showing of our drinks, and I have just the same ole cups (usually full of coffee) or the bottles of water.  Now how many times do you want to see them over and over again??  So I started this journal for the days that I really am not drinking anything different or exciting................or, like tonight, I'm just too tired.  Besides I just tossed the empty water bottle in the recycle bin......LOL

I have discovered that I really like this size, as I can throw it in my purse when I know I'm going to be sitting for a time.  Like last week at the car wash,  the cover has a pocket that I keep the die cuts in and before they were finished with the truck I had already inked in everything.  That page is still waiting for some color.......but Hey, it's there!

So now I'm off to dream land, I'll make the rounds in the morning to see what your drinking this week

Ok, so not to break, or crack any rules................................
I was drinking from this cup earlier today.  I know it was THIS cup because I only own one of them.....LOL

Nite All!


  1. Actually, you would NOT be breaking any rules if you showed a cup in your art journal. This is really lovely, and I look forward to seeing more of these over the next few months, years, etc. I was thrilled you were able to take time out of your now busier than ever schedule to post. And it was a joy to see your art and drawings. Thanks for sharing this for T this Tuesday. And yes, it's Tuesday in both our worlds (grin).

  2. Oh this page is simply BEAUTIFUL Krisha!
    If you do more Art Jorunaling I would be so happy to see you at
    every now ahd than!

    This red cup is so pretty!


  3. LOVE your journal page Krisha!!! I cannot wait to see you create more in this book! Hugs! deb

  4. I feel very "royal" thinking about drinking my tea while wearing a crown lol. I got a kick out of your cup/spoon combo. So handy!

  5. Hello and Happy T Day! What a fun and pretty journal page. I like the "today" theme too, could do that with anything and would be fun. Can't wait to see more of your pages. Totally love your mug and the cute spoon holder on it, clever. Have a great day.

  6. what a great idea for a journal and I love your page-really great lettering! I've never see a mug like yours with the spoon holder-very unique, and fun. Happy T day!

  7. I love the quote, "Today I will drink tea and wear a crown." Ahh, oh princess-y! And I love those mugs with the built in spoon rest. I have a few myself. Happy T-day!

  8. Super Believe cup
    your journal page is wonderful!
    5x7 is a very nice size...
    it will be fun to see more pages
    Happy T Day Krisha

  9. The journal is such a good idea. I look forward to seeing how you use it in the future. That's a cool cup you are using too.


  10. That is a fun theme for your journal. I struggled to really define mine, but now that I did, the ideas come much easier. I love that mug no matter how many times you show it! Hope you got a good rest!

  11. Fun lettering and I love how the spoon fits in the handle of the cup!

  12. Love that journal page…and your fab little mug with it's own spoon! Chris:-)

  13. What a great idea. You could use these any Tuesday. I'd love to see your artwork.
    Happy T-Day! :)

  14. What a great journal entry.
    Happy Tuesday

  15. Happy T-Day!
    Love your journal idea and what a great first page. Can't wait to see more.

  16. Fabulous idea to take your journal on the road and work as you have time! love your creative use of die cuts, and making a journal just for tea-related art. Lovely!

  17. What a fabulous page and I love the idea of drinking tea wearing a crown, lol :D
    Many thanks for visiting my page too :D