Monday, September 22, 2014

Journals for Tuesday's Tea Time

Time, once again, to link up with Elizabeth the Altered Book Lover and share for T. 
This is the second page of my "Today "journal.  I have eight nearly finished.... LOL #7 needs a little tuning up, and #8 needs something, but not sure what at the moment. 
So moving onto Journal 52, this week the prompt is Rhyme Time.
This is not what this page started out to be.......but isn't that just the way it goes at times? If this had been my intentions as I started this page I wouldn't have glued down all those scraps of paper first, or at least left the center smooth to paint on......LOL  All the color is acrylic paint, the leaves, along the edges are modeling paste (note to self: Need to get more made ASAP) The falling leaves with the rhyme are die cuts from TH Tattered leaves.  I haven't drawn, or painted a Snoopy in y-e-a-r-s!!  Always loved that little mutt!
This is what happens when I am watching "my" teams play football on Sunday, and neither of them are playing worth a hoot!  I do believe the local high school could've beat both teams this week. :(
On a sadder note, I really should be making some sympathy cards.  My DIL's grandfather passed early Saturday morning.  They were Shafter people for years and are really well known here.  Ray had had prostrate cancer years ago and it finally came back as bone cancer. It was a blessing that he did not have to suffer for a very long period, and the family all got to say their good byes.  He will be so very missed at our family gatherings that is for sure.  He always had a smile and loved those 4 great granddaughters to no end.  So today the world is without a great cowboy and a wonderful husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather, and a friend to the rest of us.
Sympathy cards are the hardest things to make for me, and I am sure the rest of you feel the same.  I usually try to make them when "NOT" needed, but came up dry this time.  Completely out of stock.  I had Megan, my 4 yr, old GD all day so Mom could help get things arranged for Thursday's service.  When her daddy finally came and picked her up after work I was ready to come in and get those cards made.   But have I?? not yet......................
Instead I made this:
Am I beating around the bush and putting off what I NEED to do?  Yes I am!  So it is time for me to stop blogging, and procrastinating and get busy.  Tomorrow I will have flowers to order.
Don't forget to drop by The Altered Book Lover Blog and check out what we are all drinking this week....right now it is water for me.........
Inky Hugs


  1. So very sorry to read about your family's loss. I'm sure he will be missed. It sounds like the funeral will be huge.

    I'm no good at making ANY cards, and I've never tried to make a sympathy card. Thankfully, I don't have any friends who have died, at least not in my close circle of friends. And since I have no living relatives, I don't have to worry about going to funerals, either. My heart goes out to you.

    I simply ADORE your lovely journal entries. Coffee is my choice of drink, too. But my cup isn't quite that fancy (grin). And Snoopy is adorable. You draw SO well. Sorry your football teams were in bad shape last week.

    You asked what I'd learned about the month of abstracts. I've learned I don't like to paint. By that I mean, I don't like to JUST paint. I keep wanting to throw in some mixed media with them, like dictionary pages, or scraps of paper. If I keep this up, I'll abandon strictly painting abstracts, and move on to mixed media abstracts.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely journal pages and your remembrance of your DIL's grandfather for T with us this week.

  2. Oh Gosh ! I adore all what you share here !
    Happy T-Day to you!

  3. Ah Krisha, it was ever thus with the difficult jobs..and sympathy cards are so heartfelt that they are difficult. I have to be honest here and say that I now try to make a couple for 'stock' when I don't need them, because when you need one, you try so hard to put love care and reverence into every snip and dot that it really is hard. Your journal entries are great - love your Snoopy, so happy to see him!

  4. Your journal pages are wonderful and I particularly like the snoopy one with all it's texture and Autumnal colours.
    So sorry for your familys loss. Happy T Day :o)

  5. I am sorry to hear of your loss. It's a blessing that there will be happy memories to fall back on during this sad time.

  6. Hello, I'm so sorry about the loss in your family. Hugs and prayers for all of you.
    I'm not good at cards but imagine these are the hardest to make. Good luck and I'm sure it will be perfect.
    LOVE your journal pages and cute Snoopy!!
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  7. Sorry to hear about your family's loss. Never easy at any age.

    Your tea page this week is just so creative! I think that Snoopy pose is my favorite-just so full of happiness and innocence!

  8. It is hard to lose a family member. I'm sure you are being supportive to your DIL, and the inspiration for the card will come.

    Meanwhile Snoopy makes me smile.


  9. Love the Snoopy!...he is sure to lift my day whenever I see him. Sorry to hear of the loss in the family. I agree, sympathy cards are difficult. But it IS the thought that counts-knowing you took the time to do your own beautiful art work while thinking of them will be a gift. however, I am a great procrastinator too...maybe another cup of coffee will help?

  10. Sorry to hear about your DIL's grand father Krisha.
    All your art pieces look unique and wonderful. Snoopy looks so adorable. My pet dog was called, Snoopy. Your writing is so beautiful.
    Have a great week

  11. So sorry to hear about the death in your family Krisha. My thoughts are with you....Hugs! deb

  12. So sorry. I can empathize with your procrastination.
    Cute pages though. Love Snoopy! Fall is the best time. :) Happy T-Day!

  13. Sorry to hear of the loss in your family, it's always hard to say your final goodbyes.
    Your art is cheerful for the beginning of Fall. I love the Snoopy dog :) and football zentangle.
    Happy T day :)