Tuesday, September 30, 2014

WOYWW 278 I'm Still Here

Well, hello deskers!  Yep! me and Betsy are still here and have we missed WOYWW, but there are only so many hours in a day and days in a week yada, yada, yada.....I've been busy being Grandma and starting a new Independent Consultant business.
Okaaaay! On to Betsy, a little on the sparse side.  My Dolphin shaped Ott light finally went to the bottom of the sea.........well, ok, to the bottom of the trash dumpster.  It quit and DH took it apart, thinking it was just the switch, well it wasn't.  Tomorrow I'll go get an other one.  Spoiled?  Who me?  Let's just say yes and be done with it.  I finally moved things around AGAIN and made space for my lap top that won't be in jeopardy when I work. (I hope)  I do keep it closed when I work.  So you can also see an electric pencil sharpener, Christmas card, brick-a-brack in the back.  My calander in the center piled with sketches for some challenges, dry erase pens and fine line Sharpie pens still in the packaging.    To the right is a set of Halloween boarders, a clear roller for polymer clay, a tin of cinnamon  mints and a memo pad. 
Yes the last time I had a chance to play with all you deskers I had just moved Betsy out of the closet and set her up in front of the bedroom window.  Well, I "lived" in it and it just didn't work, so I but Betsy against the wall and re organized a bit more.

I know I am a container junkie, but honestly I thought I had it under control....LOL  I had to play Elsa, from the movie "Frozen" and "Just let it go!!!!"  I know it doesn't show, but I did down size a LOT!  I have baggies of all kinds of "schtuff" that I am thinking of just giving away, so stay tuned, I haven't worked it all out yet............but IT HAS TO GO!!...LOL
So it is Tuesday night here in SOCAL and the Queen  desker, Julia hasn't set everything in motion yet so I'll do a little desk hopping and hopefully be able to stay awake long enough to link up. If not then hopefully I can get out of bed early and link up then.  Which ever works I'll get around to everybody who leaves me a comment.
So What's On Your Desk????
Inky Hugs


  1. Hello I too am back. The reorganization is effective and gives you more space. You can always give the stuff to a woman's shelter or the "Y". you do sound busy and energized for work and play.
    Monica # 59

  2. You have a lot but it is so organized. Couldn't see your package but I do like some cinnamon mints.


  3. Busy and organized are the words that come to mind. Also pink, heh heh! I took a break too for the summer, seems like a few of us did. Nice to see you back again.

    Brenda 54

  4. I feel the same way, Krisha. I have a huge box of schtuff that I purged from the Playhouse, but you'd never know it. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the boxes that keep showing up at the door ready to move in. Cough. It is a process to organize our things in a way that "fits" and it sounds like you are doing a good job of that. Happy WOYWW! Have a wonderful week and thank you for the visit to me!! Enjoy your fun-filled October!! Hugs, Darnell #23

  5. Hi Krisha, missed you for the last few weeks. Loving the shots of your room, I know what you mean about having to 'live' in something to see how it works. Glad you got yourself sorted in the end.Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #43 xxx

  6. We haven't been around for a while either. Your desk is looking very inspiring. Hugs from the bears at no. 47

  7. It's been a hit-or-miss summer, and fall isn't looking too regular, either, for my woywwing--and we're not the only ones, Krisha--seems like everyone is going a mile a minute lately!

    70 this week
    with a mish mash of stuff

  8. Now I've never noticed all those pots of paint before - are we getting a slightly different view today? And what kind of Independent Consultant? Sounds very swish!! Looking good, you have to keep moving things around I think until you find what works best. Happy WOYWW Cindy #49

  9. Phew you have lots to play with. I've been trying to send some of my stuff to a new home - not doing very well :-) Anne x #78

  10. Looks like you've been busy! I'm sorting through, but jeepers it's difficult to let go sometimes lol. It's a process! Kudos on your progress! Happy WOYWW! #55

  11. You have a very well stocked workroom, Krisha! Isn't it funny how you think a desk move is going to work and then it just doesn't feel right at all....I've done that with my sewing desk before now!
    Hugs, LLJ 30 xx

  12. A great desk, Krisha - trust this all works better for you.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #17

  13. Oh wow! what a lot of loveliness in your workspace - would love to come and play. Thanks for sharing. Sorry I’m late commenting. Hope that you have a lovely crafting week to come. Hazel, WOYWW #81 x

  14. Hi Krisha, Ooo love your desk pics there is so much to see, everything seems so handy and accessible but very organized and tidy. Love all your paints on the shelf too. I can do organized and I can do tidy but never at the same time lol.
    Have a great weekend Hugs Lottie #61

  15. Awesome work area!!!! I enjoy playing I Spy there!!Thank you for sharing your desk! Have a great week Ginny M #63