Monday, September 15, 2014

Journal 52 weeks 36 and 37..A Double Header!

Week 36 prompt from Journal 52 was "Texture", ooooooh we like texture!  I really kept it quite simple for this one.  There is crumpled paper bag, modeling paste, cork and a rather large washer.  My mind was wondering (and I had to drag it back a couple of times) while I was putting each texture on the page......should I add more?  Should there be color?  Well....I decided the answer was NO to both.  I like the simplicity of the whole page, and since it is "my" art I left it......grin

Week 37, that would be this week, the prompt is "Newspaper".  This one was tuff to get started, we haven't taken a news paper in over 10 years!  I finally got fed up with all the bad news and all the advertising that I canceled it.  Well, I found a designer paper that "looked" like news paper ads, tore it up and glued it down!  Then I gave it a light wash of Gesso, and dripped some ink and water onto it.
Then came the stickers to say "Bad News".  I used two circle dies and strip to signify the "NO" to finished it.  'Cause that is how I feel about newspapers!!!
Inky Hugs

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  1. I think the texture speaks for itself. It needs no words or color, other than that provided by the "raw" materials.

    I had to "borrow" Sally's newspaper, or I wouldn't have been able to create my week 37. I've never taken the newspaper, believing I can get all the news I need on TV or the internet. And, like you, I don't care for bad news. You were creative and clever by turning to scrapbook paper. Both are nicely done.