Monday, September 1, 2014

Journal 52 Make Time

Happy Labor Day, to all that are in the States, the traditional ending of summer around here, even though we are still getting summer temperatures!
Journal 52 week 35........Week 35! Where, oh where is the time (pun intended) slipping off to?   Great prompt for this week: "Make Time", and as soon as Chelle had the prompt up I was walking around singing "Tiiiiiiiimmmme is on my side, yes it is!" Okay so I'm not a Rolling Stone band member...LOL  Even though I was singing, or humming the tune it never made it to my journal page, instead a deep voice would cut in and say "Like Sands Through The Hour Glass.....So Are The Days of Our Lives" Now THAT really made me think about just how fast time does go by, we all complain comment about it almost every week

So onto my journal page.  I used modeling paste and stencil, then a coat of Gesso.  The colors are Dylusions Walnut and Pure Sunshine ink sprays blotted with a baby wipe, to mute them, then I went back and hit it again with the Pure Sunshine and let it dry.  Along the top, and lower left corner, I used TH clock stencil and Walnut ink.  Hand did the lettering ( as if you couldn't tell.....LOL) and used a marker to color and blend them.  For the hour glass I cut a paper stencil and used a marker to outline it.  The "sands" are Beedez for the long lasting stash I have of them.  I used a doubled sided tape to make them stick to the page.  I finished it off by sanding down the modeling paste to white in some spots, then using a Sephia colored pencil and shading around the hour glass.  Except for the drying time, it all came together quite quickly, but most important is that I REALLY had a fun time creating this page.

Thanks for coming by, please let me know you were here.
Inky Hugs

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  1. This is GORGEOUS. So much better than the one I made. And I like how you used the hour glass and beads.

    Speaking of time, where have you been? Did you get my package? I sent it over a week ago. According to the PO web site, you should have received it last Monday. But when I didn't hear from you, I got scared that it got lost along the way.