Monday, September 1, 2014

New Stash Meets Old Stash and NEW FRIENDS

New Stash, everybody loves it, and this time I am even USING IT!!!!   LOL.  Really trying to break the "habit" of buying and setting it aside for later.  A new Prima doll stamp takes center stage for this birthday card.  I did a lot of fussy cutting to paper piece her............ooooo such skinny ankles!  The sentiment is a new die set too.  Old stash is the embossed background, ribbon and the glittery sticker letters.  TODAY Rachel turns eight, she is the cousin of my GD Hannah (and Megan), only 5 days apart, and their mother's are how's that for timing?  Well, everybody thought it was GREAT until we started having birthday parties a year later........LOL!

So, now I'm off to sign the card and get ready for her party this afternoon.  Hope you Labor Day ( here in the States) weekend has been a good one.  For us it has been a party everyday, and I thought I was getting to old to be a party animal.............LOL

Thanks for stopping by, let me know you were here.

Tam Hess has joined our little ,but growing, group.  WELCOME Tam!
She is a wonderful artist, draws her own digital images for her cards,  and for sale. Her favorite mediums are water color, pen and ink, and the way she uses them is just fantastic.  I do hope you'll drop by and check out her blog : Tam's Art In Flight

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Life is just too short to act normal

Inky Hugs


  1. Party, party, party. Bet you will be partied out by Wednesday. Hope your Labor Day was perfect.

  2. Okay NOW blogger lets me talk...grrrrrr.... I said such lovely things about your hourglass and how i've been gone for a week entertaining company from TX and how i may never 'catch up' with everyone and yadda yadda yada....and then blogger wouldn't publish just sat there laughing at me i'm sure.......grrrrrrr.....Well let me say hi to Tam.... I have been to her blog and her work is lovely. :) WElcome!
    Krisha i haven't stepped in the craft room for over a week so no postcards in the near future but i promise i will be making more.....they are my obsession.... :) Big Hugs! deb