Monday, June 23, 2014

ExoTic Iced Tea....coolers

So what's in the glass this week?  A great mix of Watermelon Mint Chiller and Berry Mint classic, made strong and iced down.  Makes a beautiful red tea and I am showing it off in my Mom's OLD glass pitcher.  I am not an avid tea drinker (as you all know by now) but I do like iced tea in the summer, but flavored teas I like sweetened.  I didn't want to add sugar, or sugar substitutes, but I wanted a little sweetness and some kind of fizz, like a wine cooler.  So me, being me, I poured in some of my diet flavored carbonated water and waaa laa!  Just what my taste buds were craving.  I know this sounds too obnoxiously outrageous to most, but it REALLY is good, and I have been drinking it everyday.  It is great for the late afternoon pick-me-ups.

Since I used all that was left in both tins it made quite a bit of tea, more than pictured, so I put it in a container and stuck it in the freezer.  It is going to come in handy next week when we are at the beach.

Why am I going on about iced tea?  Because it is time to link up with Elizabeth the Altered Book Lover an make the rounds to see what's in your cup!

So Saturday I said I would show some of my paintings.  So here are the ones hanging in the craft/office room:  They are kind of at a skew, so the flash wouldn't blow out the pictures.

17" x 20" oil.  The flash caused the wavies in the upper right corner.
 This room is atrocious for taking pictures.
I copied her off a post card.

11" x 15" graphite sketch with water color
dry brushed over it.
16" round oil, again with the wavies from the flash.....ugh!
17" x 20" oil.  I took this outside for the picture,
I couldn't get any where near good in this room.

17" x 20" oil.  She hangs in the door way of the craft/office.
She is my favorite, and the only one that has
hung in any other room of the house.
Here they hang, well three of them.  I wasn't going
to include this photo because of the state this room
is in.  This will be rectified once we are back for
the beach trip.........I Promise! LOL 

So that winds up my Tea Stands for Tuesday.  I'm off to make the rounds, while getting my laundry done.  Getting ready for the beach, but have to wait for the Playhouse to be brought home so I can start getting it loaded................only 4 more days till we leave.....wooooop! wooooop!

Inky Hugs


  1. Watermelon mint sounds over the top delicious! Beautiful paintings : )

  2. Actually, watermelon-berry mint tea sounds perfect. And a bit of fizz sounds good while chilling from this horrible heat. And that pitcher is just retro enough to be back in style.

    Your paintings are simply drop dead gorgeous. You have a real talent, and I'm duly impressed.

    Have fun at the beach. Does this mean you won't be around next week? Be safe, have fun, and enjoy the holiday. And of course, don't drink too much wine (grin).

    Thanks for sharing your lovely tea pitcher and gorgeous art for T this week.

  3. I would kill to get some of those exotic tea but unfortunately its not sold here in Australia sigh
    Bridget #1

  4. Exciting to be getting ready for your beach getaway...Enjoy * Enjoy!
    Your tea looks so pretty and special in your Mom's lovely pitcher...those flavors do sound refreshing.
    Fabulous artwork you've created...
    you are very talented!
    Thanks for sharing and
    Happy T Day to you

  5. Wow absolutely gorgeous paintings! Such talent! Hmm adding fizzy water to ice tea sounds good. I'll have to try it as I love the carbonation in my diet Pepsi. :) Hugs

  6. I was so excited to see your paintings. I think I've only seen your stamping and the journal pages before. The paintings are great. I'd like the tea I'm sure but I don't like fizzy anything so would bypass the water.

    Have a great time at the beach.


  7. What an exotic drink! And an exotic drink at the beach sounds even nicer :)

  8. Wow! Krisha, your paintings are beautiful. I especially love the second and the 4th one. The grass and other details are so lovely
    Have a lovely week

  9. Breath taking paintings! and thirst quenching teas! What a combo!

  10. It's great to see your paintings. You are very talented. I think my favorite one is the one with the barrel and milk jug against a wooden wall. It just reminds me of a typical scene in the semi-rural suburb where I grew up.

    Your flavored iced tea sounds great to me--not obnoxious at all. I love the pretty red color of it.

    Have fun at the beach!!!

  11. Your paintings are beautiful, and since I like the southwest, I especially liked those. Enjoy the beach!

  12. Your paintings are amazing!
    And I like a little fizz in the tea :)
    Have a great holiday!
    Happy Tuesday to you :)

  13. Hello and Happy T Day! Your drink sounds and looks yummy. I actually do like wine coolers, I only drink one bottle each summer, not much of a drinker.

    WOW, your art is STUNNING!! I am a nature girl so the 2 & 4 ones are my favorites. So glad you shared them with us, keep making them!!!

    Hope your Tuesday was a good one!

  14. Well somebody is getting beach happy! Looks so refreshing! Now your artwork is simply amazing and gorgeous! Enjoy and have a blast!