Friday, June 13, 2014

NBUS (never been used schtuff) Challenge

Well, do you have stash that you own and have never used it??  "What!" you say "of course I USE EVERYTHING I buy, or am given!"  Of course you do!!!  LOL  But I have accumulated quite a stash over the years (ok, I'm still accumulating) and there are things I now own that for some reason, other than just having an old memory, I have forgotten about.  Like this morning I was straightening up Betsy and came across two brand new Sharpie markers, still in the package, and I almost bought me some yesterday!!!

So, if you're like me, even a little bit, then now is the time to get out those NBUS things and have a play with them.  A great gal over at The Playhouse (not to be confused with mine that is on wheels) Darnell has set in motion a great challenge and it is the NBUS Challenge!

Well, I couldn't let a dear friend down so this morning I had a "play" with a set of stamps from Fiskers, that I have had for some time.  I think I bought them because it had some high heel stamps in the set.  The back ground papers were gifities from Helen at a Craft Project blog.  I did some in-laid die cuts with the pattern paper, stamped and snipped, adding a little color to the olives and the drink.

Now is the time to get those NBUS out and link up I'm doing.

NUBUS Challenge

Inky Hugs


  1. I've seen this challenge on several UK blogs, and I'm glad you're playing along. I might have to see if I have anything I've never used, which is highly unlikely, unless you count some of my dumpster stuff and stuff I get from Sally. this is really lovely and a great card, too.

  2. What a fun card, Krisha! I always love a drinkie poo card and this one is tops!! Thank you so much for linking it to my NBUS Challenge, posting the button, and helping to spread the word! You did a great job of explaining it! It's been so nice finding out just how many of us have put something aside and then forgotten all about it or just not had enough hours in the day to use it all (cough)!

    Have a great weekend from one Playhouse to another!! Hugs, Darnell

  3. Seems like lots of interest in Darnell's NBUS challenge. I'm sure there's something I haven't used...prob-ly cause I don't like it....maybe the bottle of glossy accents counts. Great cocktail card. Hugs C

  4. FUN card, Krisha!

    And oh yes.

    I have quite a bit of NBUS lying about, several ink pads staring at me right now as a matter of fact-- this would be a perfect challenge!!

  5. Use it now or never. Way to go. Heading home on I10. Amazing time but my body falling apart. Funner fingers don't help

  6. Very fun card!
    I am a new follower and would love for you to visit my blog and become a follower too.