Thursday, June 12, 2014

Journal 52 week 23

This weeks prompt is Passion, hummmmmm??? I guess I am a very passionate person, cause I couldn't land on just one thing I am passionate about...LOL

My scanner is a little smaller than my journal, so the very bottom is always cut off.  As soon as I run out of ink (in the printer) I am going to set up the brand new one I bought last month (IT WAS $100.00 OFF)  It has a scanner that will scan a 13" X19" page........oh ya, I can't wait to get that baby set up and working.

Ok, back to this journal page.  I threw a lot of schtuff at it, and had so much fun.  There is modeling paste through stencils, Gesso, then Gelatos, then some ink sprays that were smeared around for a good background.  I took some blue ink and dripped it down the page, and spritzed it with water, turning it this way , and that way.  Once the page was dry I used a large fingernail file and filed the ink off some places of the paste.  A few stamped images (the geometric ones.....kinda doodles) Then all that was left was to take a black marker and list my passions.

Thanks for stopping by.......LMK you were here

Inky Hug


  1. I was looking for a Summer of Color design from you ---found this one instead ---but you did use this week's colors in your design, so you managed to do something for both prompts. I like you textures and color blending.

    I decided to jump into the Journal 52. I planned to tell my local Art Journaling group about it and then realized that Chelle is the organizer of my own group ---wasn't even aware of this online site.

    Thanks for stopping to view my "Summer of Color" post this week.

  2. U had fun. Samsung rewrites my posts

  3. I am amazed Krisha that so many techniques all at the same time can work so well but they do and this is a great page.
    Happy crafting, Angela x

  4. Love the colors and textures you used for this. We have quite a few of the same passions--LOL! ;)

  5. I was delighted to see your passions play out in living color. AWESOME!!